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May 2016 - "Dear Dee, Portrait duly delivered.They both expressed pleasure with the result. In the living room there was space on one wall for the portrait to be the right size to match one already there. Wonderful result. Every one is happy. C"
"Hi Dee,  N is blown away by it and insisted on putting it straight on the wall when C brought it round. My Mum saw it last night too and was very impressed. S" Sydney NSW

Aug 2016 - "Dear Dee, C was amazed when we presented her with your portrait just before the party.  She said it looked just like her.  Thank you again, we are so happy.  Will be in touch in the future about painting the twins.  E"  Singapore

July 2016 - "Dear Dee, J absolutely was thrilled with his portrait.  I am so Happy!  Also all the other people who saw it were absolutely amazed.  Will be back in touch soon.  Thank you so much!  A"  Sydney NSW

Dec 2014 – “Hi Dee, We are absolutely blown away with the painting and how well you have captured the his essence. We know she will love it. We can’t thank you enough. Merry Christmas!! J” Perth,WA 

Jan 2015 – “Hi Dee, My son and his beautiful wife surprised me today with your amazing painting. You have captured the essence with such a good likeness, he had a cheeky way about him with his smile and body language ! He had an influence on everyone he met and through your painting his spirit lives on! Thank you again! R” – WA

 Aug 2014 – “Dear Dee, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for your lovely portrait of me. I showed it to my husband when I got home, and he said “That’s you!”. We both absolutely love it. Every time I walk past my easel (which it is on) I think “Wow I love it!”. I am just off now to get it framed. Thank you so much. T”. Sydney NSW 

Feb 2016 – “Hi Dee, I was delighted to see the portrait … it is truly beautiful and captures so much of his gentle and happy nature. Those who have seen it have commented on the brightness of his eyes and a certain peaceful serenity. I think that in some small way seeing his portrait has been a comfort. With every best wish for you and your family. J” Country NSW

Dec 2015 - “Dear Dee, Hello. Been months I know. Granny sits here on this wall … near my chair and she looks directly at me. And feel I know her better now as a result. So your work is very valuable. And I do love your style. H” Queensland.  

Oct 2015 – “Hey Dee, Awesome, keep up the great work. Can't wait to send another photo to you one day, maybe when me and my girlfriend get married. Cheers B” Goldcoast, Queensland

May 2016 – “Hi Dee - Fantastic. Different to what I expected, but not in a bad way!!! She loved it! T” Sydney

April 2015 – “Thank you Dee, the wedding was great. There was much interest in the painting and the bride and groom loved it. J” Wedding – Fremantle WA 

April 2013 “Dear Dee, Thank you so much for your beautiful painting…. a very special permanent reminder of a very significant celebration. It was loved by all. Thanks so much. Regards J”. 60th Wedding Anniversary Canberra, ACT. 

Sept 2011. “Hey Dee, It was great to meet you too, thank you very much for all your help!! The portrait was a hit, they really loved it. If we ever need a painting in the future we know who to call. Cheers B”. Wedding Present – Gold Coast, Qld. 

May 2012 “Thank you, Dee, it looks fabulous. Am leaving the painting at work, for a couple of days, so everyone can have a look. Love and hugs, G” Sydney NSW 

Feb 2012. “Dear Dee Well received the portrait, it’s beautiful, and I am happy with that, Kind regards, HT” Vietnam ————–

Animal Portraits


December 2014 – “Dear Dee : Just a very hasty note. As it happened I was unable to get Hugo’s painting to SH until this evening. Wish you could have seen her face, heard her surprise, heard IS squealing with delight and FR speechless! THANKYOU DEE – WILL BE IN TOUCH – K.” Sydney NSW 

Oct 2015 – “Dear Dee, The painting is fabulous!! You are so talented, it looks just like W, I love it and I know my husband will as well. Thanks so much, S” Adelaide, SA

October 2012. “Hello Dee, I received the painting of my dear Maisie just as I was leaving for work yesterday. Had to open it right away; caused a few tears but I love it. Thank you. M.” A little cat portrait – Country Victoria, Australia

Apr 2015 – “Hi Dee, Yes, the Kittie painting arrived here safely last Friday. B loves it and he took the photo. Cheers, S” Melbourne Vic

Sep 2015 – “Hi Dee, Tiger’s painting arrived yesterday. We are so happy with it, it is just beautiful and really depicts the character of our very loved and eccentric cat - who grew up with my kids and was an important part of our family for over 13 years!! The eyes are magnificent and so real! We have placed him at the end of the hallway - so every time we enter the house we see him. The boys have started talking to the painting - just saying "hello tiger" as they walk in. Thank you so much for your wonderful painting. K” Adelaide, SA

Nov 2011. “Hello again Dee, Just a quick note to say many thanks for the work you put into capturing our Bella in your portrait. She looks perfect in our lounge room – just like she is still there. All the best for your future endeavours LV” Little dog painting – Canberra ACT.

Oct 2012 “The portrait of our two dogs look wonderful Dee. Your art work is amazing will have to get a picture done of my little cat -. thanks once again. C”’ Country NSW



Dec 2014 – “Hi Dee, I just want to say every time I look at your portrait of the children I get goose bumps! Everyone who views it loves it too. You certainly captured them beautifully. Hmm maybe next year I may have a small portrait done of me just to complete the family story! Have a lovely Christmas with your family. Again thank you. Best wishes V”Country NSW 

May 2016 – “Dear Dee, Thank you for your beautiful work once again! My sister was brought to tears & absolutely loved it. (My nephew) even recognised himself in the painting!! I had a wonderful Mother's Day - I trust that you did too. J”Sydney

March 2015 – “Hi Dee, Very happy lady and the children were delighted. Just need to decide where it should hang. Keep you posted on the need for a fourth painting! M” Mid North Coast NSW 

May 2014 - “We waited until after dinner tonight and unveiled the painting. It is beautiful. It was lovely to see how much each child was boasting how their particular portrait was amazing. Thank you from the whole family.”Melbourne, Victoria 

January 2013 “Dee, my sister received the painting and she was in tears. She loves it. May I please have your updated biography that I can send to her? Hope you are having a good day. Warm regards, D” New Jersey, USA

November 2012. “Hi Dee, Firstly, the painting is absolutely brilliant! It’s exactly as I had hoped for and you are an amazingly talented artist. Thank you so much! Thanks again Dee for providing such a wonderful memory of our kids. I’m a raving fan. Warm regards, C”Singapore 

August 2013. “Hi Dee, Your painting takes my breath away. It is really beautiful and you have captured them just as they were, gorgeous little buttons with mischief in their eyes despite how angelic they look! Love it. Thanks Dee. I shall wait to hear from you where to from here. V” Country NSW 

July 2014:“Dear Dee, Thank you so much for the portrait, it looks wonderful. J”Sydney NSW
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